We constantly seek out new ways to make your MINOTAIR better!
It really does not matter if you bought your MINOTAIR one, three or five years ago. Thanks to its USB-programmable port, you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to take advantage of new features and enhancements. All our updates are backward compatible with all models. Your MINOTAIR will keep evolving and benefiting you for many years. Besides, it’s complimentary, so why not take advantage of it!

Current Version: 7.1.3 (2018-12-11)

Version 7.1.3 implements the following new features and improvements (download it now):

BIOS 6.49

The BIOS regulates all the motor functions as well as the temperature and humidity sensors. This version improves the general operation of the basic functions of the Minotair as well as Modbus communications.
Permanent Memory
The temperature and humidity setpoints will now be kept in permanent memory during subsequent updates.
Maximum Airflow:

  • Now possible to set the maximum airflow to a value between 180 and 250 cfm.
  • For maximum efficiency, the maximum airflow will be used by the shower detector, the bathroom timers, and a steam humidifier as applicable.
HumiWatch 365:

  • The use of absolute humidity, relative humidity and dew point are taken into account to maximize dehumidification during the shoulder seasons, all while increasing comfort.
  • Improved integration and control of humidifiers controlled by the Minotair to maximize moisture generation.
  • Added a water economizer for percolating and drum humidifiers. The economizer can generate up to 80% water savings all while improving the evaporation rate.

SMART Mode 4.0:

  • Substantially improved Free Cooling and Turbo Cooling modes for increased energy efficiency and improved air quality during the cooling season.
  • The fresh air setpoint required by the ASHRAE62.2 is now provided within 20 minutes versus 60 minutes.
  • Generally quieter operations and reduced risk of condensation on the surface walls of the unit in cold weather.
Auxiliary Heating and Cooling 4.0 :

  • The Minotair will not use auxiliary heating and cooling if it is 0.1 °C away from reaching the required setpoint, resulting in a better efficiency.
  • Better control of the electric duct heaters if installed upstream of the Minotair as in the case of the ventilation of an indoor pool.
  • Contribution of the electric duct heater if installed downstream to improve comfort during defrost cycles.

  • It is now possible to assign a network address according to your Modbus network configuration. The default address is 03.
  • Addition of several variables that can be read and modified remotely such as temperatures, humidity, etc.
Self-Diagnosis Module 3.0:

  • If there is a major anomaly during the heating season, the Minotair will use auxiliary heating intermittently to ensure a minimum level of heat.
  • Better management of events to avoid false alarms.
Several other tweaking and improvements.

How do I tell which firmware version my MINOTAIR is using?
Simply depress the “Program_Key” key for 2-3 seconds and navigate to the System Info submenu. Then navigate down to the screen called Software Version. The current version used by your MINOTAIR is the one at the top of the list (Version 3.4 in this example).
System Info Sub-Menu
Do I have to update to the latest version?
No you don’t. If you are happy with your MINOTAIR the way it is, then you absolutely can leave it as is. However, if you see something in the list of features and updates that triggers your interest or that you think might enrich your MINOTAIR experience, then by all means feel free to install the latest release. The update process is easy and 100% safe.

Update in 3 easy steps!

USB Key Prerequisites:
  • Your USB key must be of a capacity not exceeding 32 GB. A 1 GB USB key is really all you need if you can find one that small nowadays!
  • The USB key must not be named MINOTAIR as this will cause a conflict and the update process will not work.
  • The USB key must be in a FAT or FAT32 file system format (that’s normally not an issue). To make sure of this, simply right-click on your USB key and select “properties”. You should see FAT or FAT32 next to the File System label. If you see NTFS, then you will need to reformat your USB key with the FAT32 file system. To do so, right-click on your USB key and select “Format”. Then simply select FAT32 and use the quick format option to save time (and, make sure not to name your USB key MINOTAIR!).
  • It is recommended to use a blank key, which you might want to dedicate to your MINOTAIR for convenience and to eliminate all risks of incompatibility with files other than the ones required for the update.
  • MAC USERS. Mac computers write hidden files on USB keys, which will make the update process fail. To solve this problem, you must install a small software application that will remove these invisible files when ejecting the USB key from your Mac. Examples of such application are EjectForWindows and HiddenCleaner (in French only), and both are free.
    MINOTAIR disclaims all liability concerning the use of these software applications on your computer.
Step 1 - Copy the firmware to your USB key:
  • Click here to download the latest firmware release. It is in a zip format.
  • Save the zip file to your computer.
  • Open the zip file by double-clicking on it. It should contain one folder and one file as per the following:
    • autorun.txt
  • Insert your USB key into your computer.
  • Select both the folder and the file in the opened zip file and extract them to the root directory of your USB key. The root directory is the top-most folder in your USB key. In other words, do not extract the two elements into a subfolder or else the update process will not work.
  • Your root directory should contain exactly the following folder and files:

  • USB KEY (Root Directory)
    • MINOTAIR (folder)
      • bios649.bin
      • MainLogic.bin
      • MainLogic.grp
      • MainLogic000_PGD1_EN.iup
      • MainLogic001_PGD1_FR.iup
    • autorun.txt

  • USB KEY (Root Directory)
      • MINOTAIR (folder)
        • bios649.bin
        • MainLogic.bin
        • MainLogic.grp
        • MainLogic000_PGD1_EN.iup
        • MainLogic001_PGD1_FR.iup
      • autorun.txt
Step 2 - Prepare the MINOTAIR for update:
  • Open the MINOTAIR main access panel.
  • Press any key on the microcontroller to take it out of sleep and to activate the backlit display.
  • Turn off the ventilation by pressing on the alarm key “Alarm_Key” for 3 seconds (you will hear a series of beeps when doing this).
  • You should take note of the current settings contained in the VENTILATION, TEMPERATURE and HUMIDITY submenus in case you need to re-enter them later.
Step 3 - Update the firmware:
  • Insert the USB key into the upper USB port on the microcontroller.
  • Wait a few seconds until the microcontroller asks you to confirm the application upload operation. Press the enter key to confirm.
  • Wait 1-2- minutes for the microcontroller to complete the update. While this is happening, there will be several screens appearing. Ignore all of them until you finally see the one asking to cut power to the MINOTAIR.
  • Cut power to the MINOTAIR by turning off the circuit breaker feeding the MINOTAIR or by turning off a dedicated switch if exists.
  • Remove the USB key from the microcontroller.
  • Wait 30 seconds, and reapply power to the MINOTAIR. The MINOTAIR will then start its boot sequence which will last 30-45 seconds.
  • Re-enter the settings of the VENTILATION, TEMPERATURE and HUMIDITY submenus as required. You might also need to re-adjust the clock.
  • Restart the ventilation by pressing the up arrow key.
  • Close the MINOTAIR main access panel.
  • That’s it! You now have an updated MINOTAIR.

Pictures are worth a thousand words!
Turn off ventilation and insert USB key.
Down_Key The following screen should appear within 25 seconds.
Press the Enter Key “Enter_Key” to start the update.
Ignore this screen…
Ignore this screen…
Ignore this screen…
Ignore this screen…
Ignore this one too!
Turn off circuit breaker when asked to cut power.
Down_Key Wait 30 seconds, remove your USB key and turn circuit breaker back on.
Re-adjust the settings as required, and the clock.
That’s it! Now it’s like having a brand new MINOTAIR! Enjoy!