Boreal Model 12000

The MINOTAIR Multifunction Air Exchanger controls the ventilation, temperature and humidity of your whole house. It filters, dehumidifies, heats, cools and renews the air to provide a healthy and comfortable environment all year round.

The MINOTAIR is a multifunction unit:

  • Ultra efficient Air Exchanger!
  • HEPA Filtration!
  • Dehumidifier – without the heat!
  • Shower Detector!
  • Self-contained Heat Pump!
  • Even serves as thermostat/humidistat for your furnace, air conditioner and central humidifier!

Ventilation capacity

80 to 250 cfm at up to 1.6 in H2O, (40 to 120 l/s at up to 400 Pa)

Operating Modes

Thanks to its innovative motorized damper, several operating modes are made possible such as air exchanger, heat pump, recirculation, intermittent, and even a smart mode. Here is an overview:

Air Exchanger Mode :

  • Filters air while removing pollutants from the house, and oxygenates inside air with fresh air from outside.
  • Dehumidifies and cools air in the summer.
  • Dehumidifies and recovers heat in the winter.
  • Can also humidify when connected to a humidifier.
  • Offsets most of the ventilation costs for a high energy balance *.
    * Results may vary depending on climate and occupants’ habits.

Heat Pump Mode :

  • Dehumidifies and cools air in summer, and heats air in winter.
  • Filters air while providing uniform humidity and temperature conditions.
  • Can also humidify when connected to a humidifier.
  • Partially offsets heating and cooling costs for a superior energy balance.

Recirculation Mode :

  • Filters air while providing uniform humidity and temperature conditions.
  • Consumes very little energy.

Intermittent Modes 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 :

  • Operates in air exchanger mode for 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes each hour.
  • Based on your choice, switches to recirculation mode or heat pump mode the remaining time and so on.

Smart Mode :

  • Prioritizes humidity management and air exchange mode.
  • Switches to heat pump mode during calls for heat or cooling.


  • High end device of robust construction made of durable materials such as copper and aluminum.
  • Integrates the control of your house’s central heating unit, including ventilation, cooling and humidification for harmonized operations and maximum efficiency **.
    ** Requires central units that are 24V or dry contact controllable. Not intended for use with 120V and 240V electrical baseboard heating.
  • A one-piece design requiring no installation of outdoor equipment for greater aesthetics and unparallelled ease of installation and maintenance.
  • The air exchanger provides precise airflow tailored to the specific needs of your house and its occupants.
  • In addition to standard antimicrobial filters, optional F8/MERV 14 HEPA and activated carbon filtration are available for unsurpassed air quality.
  • The dehumidifier removes excess moisture without rejecting heat in the house unlike other devices.
  • The heat pump heats by acting on sensible heat (temperature), whereas it cools by acting more on latent heat (humidity) that causes discomfort during humid summer days.
  • Automatic calibration of supply and exhaust airflows based on air density and gradual clogging of filters and intake grilles. Airflows remain constantly balanced!
  • Adaptive defrost for trouble free winter operations and optimum heat recovery.
  • Automatic humidity adjustment system for frost free windows during cold winter days.
  • Free Cooling: can cool the house with outside air during cool nights without starting the compressor.
  • Fast 32-bit, 50 MHz and USB-programmable microcontroller to benefit from the latest features and updates.
  • Possibility to connect up to 2 digital controls per device. Install one on each floor for total control!


The MINOTAIR Boreal 12000 is backed by a limited five year warranty on parts, with original proof of purchase ¤.
¤ Refer to the user guide for details on warranty.