Note to individuals:
MINOTAIR does not sell directly to individuals, but if you’re a self-builder, you can contact one of our authorized dealers who will be pleased to guide you further. If you would rather do business with your own ventilation contractor, no worries; simply have him contact us. It’s that simple!


Note to general contractors and real estate developers:
MINOTAIR does not sell directly to general contractors and real estate developers, but you can contact one of our authorized dealers who will be pleased to assist you further.


Note to HVAC contractors:
If you work in the field of ventilation, please contact us now!
We will be happy to discuss the opportunity to become an authorized dealer!
(819) 777-2454
Please note that unless otherwise specified, our dealer’s range is roughly an hour of traveling time from their business address. Check on before contacting a dealer near you and make sure they are within a reasonable range.
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K.E. Bergeron Mechanical Systems, LLC
Keene, NH
(603) 563-8305
Sale and installation


J.W. & D.E. Ryan
Vergennes, VT
(802) 877-3118
Sale and installation


HB Energy Solutions
Springfield, VT
(802) 885-2300
Sale and installation


Climate Engineering LLC
Greater Boston Area (Norton), MA
(781) 871-4526‬
Sale and installation


MC Mechanicals
West Stockbridge, MA
(413) 441-3802
Sale and installation


Quality Mechanical Corporation
East Haven, CT
(203) 467-6712
Sale and installation




Natural Energy Solutions
Red Hook, NY
(845) 707-7150
Sale and installation


Comfort Experts
Goshen, NY
(845) 374-2000‬
(888) 887-4753‬ : toll free
Sale and installation


Danisi Energy
Medford, NY (Long Island)
(631) 732-2331
Sale and installation


Chris Serik
Greater Philadelphia Area, PA
(215) 767-5191‬
Sale and installation


Eco Air Mechanical Services
Danville, PA
(570) 606-4486
Sale and installation


The Comforts of Home, LLC
Anchorage, AK
(907) 244-4250
Sale and installation


Elsewhere in the United-States

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